Friday, May 22, 2015

The Wondrous Irony of Bill Gates

Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout by choice.  Apparently that great institution hampered his creativity.  It's ironic that his contributions to the Common Core fiasco contradict his actual life choices.  Why should Gates now choose to impose a draconian standardization mode for education that suppresses if not destroys the very conditions of creativity that his own life attests to.  Given that Gates was instrumental in conceiving if not actually helping to write the Core curriculum, it seems he now chooses to impose his own self-contradictory values on the nation.  Possibly power does corrupt and add a lot on billions of dollar on top of that and it corrupts absolutely. 

Moreover Gates seems to find no qualms in utilizing a cancerously over-centralized national government to carry out his misguided megalomania.  Even though the US Constitution gives the central government no powers to oversee let alone invade and colonize public education, Gates as well as the government conveniently ignore this.  Thomas Jefferson warned against the incursion of central government in education.  He warned that such incursion would lead to the standardization of thought and the death of diversity of thought, thus the death of democracy thereby.

The Core Curriculum is in no way about fostering creativity, critical thinking, autonomy or social responsiblity.  It is about mass control, fueling our success in the global economy and catering to the needs and demands of corporatism.  The curriculum may be standardized but a child cannot.  There may be a common curriculum but this is no "common child." 

The control of education must be returned to localities.  Educational revolution is community revolution and returning thereby the very locus of control of democracy itself to the community.  All politics is local politics.  And all education is local education.

Arne Duncan, Czar of Education, claimed there was a confusion of standards in the States.  The only confusion was in his struggle to find a way to homogenize and centrally control education.  Of course one way to do it is to reduce it to a method of control and domination and institute that through a bureaucratically centralized regime in Washington that has managed to expropriate education from the lives of people and the learning experiences of children. 

We are losing our kids and turning them over to the new "Big Brother."  Let the revolution begin and take back your children.  I wonder where Bill Gates kids go to school and what curriculum they are subjected to.  I'll bet it's not the "common core."  Chances are that he will not subject his own children to this mass "socialization" experiement, which is sure to fail.  The sooner the better.

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