Sunday, March 05, 2017


WHY ARE TRUTH AND FACT NOT IMPORTANT TO TRUMP?  …… It may well be that Trump just doesn’t pay attention to the facts for whatever reason whether narcissism, arrogance, ignorance.  He may not pay attention to truth because, like most people, he doesn’t see a difference between truth and facts whether those of his or others.  On the other hand, a better explanation may be that the liberal discourse generally shapes a body of fact and consequent truth that has had bad consequences for America as Trump sees it.  

He and Bannon are moving the narrative away from the validity of this discourse.  These Economic Nationalists see themselves creating a new narrative which requires a structural transformation of state and society.  It is within and as a consequence of this re-structuration that the narrative of new values will emerge.  Or possibly, as they probably see it, old values that must be renewed, a conservative culture that must be rehabilitated.   

So the globalist liberal media becomes the enemy of the people because their discourse narrates a “violence” against the re-valuation of state and society, trade and foreign relations, community and culture.  Trump’s “truths” are the values of the predominantly white working class who have not been allowed an identity politics as they perceive it.  There obviously still cling to white identity politics the regressive tendencies of racism, sexism, zenophobia and religious charvinism.  But for the Trumpists this will be tolerated in order to make the transition to a new populist polity.    

This is not my populism but the populism that won him the election and could sustain him through a second term.

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